A popular dance craze aimed at building body confidence as well as fitness has seen an instructor turn her ‘exercise to music’ into a support and friendship network for the local female community.

Louise Hawthorne, from Ruislip, does bi-weekly 'rave-ups' in the form of ‘Clubbercise,’ a dance party in a dark room with disco lights and glow sticks.

Her colleague Lauren assists in coaching their 40-strong base of loyal female followers who return week on week to their location in Uxbridge, hooked on the ‘buzz’ along with the positive effects the class has on their overall wellbeing.

Louise, who is also a Herbalife nutrition member, tells me:

“There’s a whole lot more to Clubbercise than the fact it’s a good workout. We have become our own little sisterhood. "It’s brought together ladies from all walks of life, some with low self esteem, and created a happy place for them in neutral territory.”

A former pole dancing instructor, Louise has endured a tough journey through the last few years. A recurring shoulder injury forced her to admit defeat and quit her passion for pole tricks.

Losing her way career-wise was not her most significant problem; she was battling through a period of immense emotional difficulty at home. The year of 2016 saw Louise’s mother lose her life battle to mental health illness.

The shock and despair of losing her most treasured person unfolded her strong ambition to make her mum proud. After a painful initial period of grieving and coming to terms with her sad loss, Louise fixed her focus on Clubbercise; steadily growing her business with Herbalife alongside it.

Putting heart and soul into her ventures serve not only as her coping mechanism through the physical and mental trauma of bereavement, it also fulfils Louise’s desire to do her bit for health and fitness in the community; the greatest accolade of which is helping other women learn to love themselves.

“My mum battled with bi polar disorder. That’s a big part of why I started to do what I do with Clubbercise three years ago, when she passed away.”

Louise explains how in her eyes, grief is physical’ and it’s of utmost importance to keep the body moving during times of distress:

“Motion creates emotion. When going through stress we have to move our bodies in order to let the energy out. If it stays in things get a whole lot worse. I do this for myself and encourage other women to do the same.”

The circumstances surrounding the loss of her mother is something Louise not only speaks openly about, but also campaigns for in charitable events with her Clubbercise followers.

“We raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, by donating class ticket money, doing raffles and making cakes to sell,” she says. “Together we do our bit to support mental health as this is a subject so close to my heart.”

The Clubbercise sound tracks are a mix of high energy dance tunes made up of popular house classics and 90’s old school floor-fillers. It sets the tone of a ‘big night out,’ but all done in an hour and without the alcohol and smoke machines.

“Sometimes we have whistles, sometimes we put neon face paint on. It’s so uplifting and we have a lot of fun!”

Louise loves seeing her ladies of all shapes and sizes become the most confident versions of themselves when they join herself and Lauren at Clubbercise.

“It doesn’t matter what size, shape or age we are, nobody’s looking and judging, we’re all rooting for each other!”

As a positive influencer in the fitness world, Louise’s sound words of advice are:

“Never be afraid to try something new. It's never too late to get out of a rut and build yourself a better quality of life.”

After all, life is precious and not to be taken for granted.

For more information about Louise’s Clubbercise classes or to contact her directly, head over to her Facebook page.

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