A pioneering internet broadcasting company presents its breakthrough innovation for social media influencers to MEGA monetize their following, earn CASH from their content and GET PAID PER MINUTE to live broadcast.

MEGA.FANS is the smart creation in fan club hosting, launched in 2018 by Steve Ranieri on his live broadcasting platform, SNR Productions, Inc.

He may be several thousand miles across the pond in Las Vegas, but aside from the 8 hour time difference, the miles prove no distance with the modern technology we have today.

I’m fortunate to be connected with Steve through a mutual friend, a model who makes money on MEGA.FANS with a fan club that integrates her Snapchat.

She tells me her fan club is packed with features and offers more options for creating cash than the competitor sites. Keen to find out more, I ask Steve for the lowdown:

“SNR Productions as a company was created in 2003. This was around the time live broadcasting started to become popular owing to the developments in webcams and streaming technology. We became one of the first companies to develop streaming software across multiple platforms for live broadcasting. I thought it would be a great idea to create a way for social media influencers to monetize their following utilising this feature; hence the birth of MEGA.FANS.”

Although I'm no big-time social media 'influencer' myself; I am a fitness industry professional with a network of followers, clients and people who enjoy my content.

My mind goes into overdrive thinking of all the possible ways this could benefit my business... online personal training sessions, group workouts and nutrition consultations to name just a few ideas. I visualise live shows for fitness models, dancers and athletic artistes; however in any instance, creative thinking and proactive planning would be advantageous.

Take a look at the platform with the MOST OPTIONS...

- Subscription-based FAN CLUB with MEGA.FANS url

- Subscription-based SNAPCHAT

- On Demand VIDEO and PHOTO content sales

- Earn per minute with LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTING

- Write DIARY/BLOG posts

- SELL items in a personal online STORE

- Create custom TIP amounts to charge for one-off services

- Message broadcast to announce scheduled shows/workouts

- Set OWN prices for subscriptions and live broadcasting rates

I use fitness influencers as my example, however anybody with a strong social media presence, network of clients or admirers can benefit and there are models on the MEGA.FANS network with 100,000+ followers, including Playboy playmates.

With social media share links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit it is easy to promote the MEGA.FANS pages across these platforms. All fan clubs come with custom URLs that can be posted into Instagram bios, too.

“If you already have a following on social media, why wouldn’t you want to monetize it? It’s a simple way to make a residual income.”

Steve has nailed it there. Why wouldn’t you? It gets better…

“We offer the highest rates in the industry. Influencers get the greatest percentage from fan club subscriptions and content sales. They are also in control over their live broadcasting rates.”

Well that’s me won...

- The most options

- The highest payouts

- No fee to sign up

One last thought before I make my own MEGA.FANS page: I'd like to know what support I get with the sign up process and management of the account.

“Full support. Applicants can chat with me directly and I will personally walk them through it. We also have two support admins on staff if they need anything else and I’m not available.”

That’s reassuring. I also love the fact there are a number of payment options including direct deposit, wire transfer, Paypal and Cryptocurrency.

With my MEGA.FANS page now set up, I’m excited to explore all the ways it will add value to my work as a fitness professional, sports nutritionist and blogger!

If you have a strong presence on social media or a client base, why not try MEGA.FANS for yourself? Click here...

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