Childbirth is a beautiful a thing, but a hard hit on a woman’s body. The damaging physical effects of labour combined with hormones haywire and barely a moment to rest, can play havoc with her self esteem and emotional welfare.

Inevitably, the moment we birth babies we consumed with the precious bundles in our arms and putting their needs first. Around the clock constant feeding, tending and loving sees relentless tiredness hit like ferocious waves in a storm. "Baby brain" kicks in like a beast and and scarcity of time, along with losing sight of the importance of ‘self care,’ can lead to low moods and feeling demotivated to exercise.

I know it well, I’ve been there.

"As a fitness instructor re-birthing her career after having a baby I’ve been looking at fitness initiatives that seek to bring other mums together. The aim is to lift them up in a supportive environment, one which energises the body and mind and brings about a sense of self care - which we all need and deserve!"

Knowing other females are rooting for us, working towards a common goal can help bring back the 'mojo' that’s perhaps dulled a little owing to the pressures of major life changes. Joining together for just one hour, to indulge in a fun and glamorous style of exercise is a sure fire way to feel boosted whilst getting back into shape. What’s not love about that?

"I recently passed my course to become a Burlexercise Showgirl Instructor, which qualifies me to teach 'The Ultimate Showgirl Workout' in my home town - Bournemouth!'

The name Burlexercise literally means 'burlesque – exercise' and is a fusion of showgirl inspired dance moves with aerobics and resistance training exercises, A unique fitness concept, all wrapped up with a sassy, shimmying twist.

No dance experience is necessary for Burlexercise, there are low to high intensity and simple to complex adaptations of the shapely moves which make the class a great opportunity for most women, whatever their fitness levels, to come along, learn and grow.

Participants are encouraged to train within their own comfort zones, allowing room to improve and challenge themselves with more fancy footwork as they become more confident over the weeks.

The female form goes through all manner of physiological and biomechanical changes during pregnancy and postpartum which can impact some or all of the physical components of fitness. These components include cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance, balance, coordination and agility.

I've studied and qualified in antenatal and postnatal exercise and understand through first hand experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Having since tried and tested Burlexercise for myself, it ticks the boxes to tweak and resolve many of these common issues.

Add to the mix, the calorie burning and weight management benefits along with postural improvement and the natural anti-depressant properties of pulse-raising exercise; we are cooking with some epic ingredients.

"The sassy steps of Burlexercise really get the endorphins pumping and pave the pathway to reclaiming sparkle!"

The soundtracks, changed every 10 weeks, are a glitzy, uplifting collection of electro swing, 60’s bop, disco diva and pop princess classics and some favourites from legends from the post war era.

"Twirling, jiving, mambo'ing, charlston'ing to songs I love, I literally cannot stop smiling!"

Recommended for mums but not exclusive to mums, Burlexercise is open to anyone who wants to indulge in an hour of 'self care' body and mind fitness with like-minded females, in a unique class like no other in the area!

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