It's 8 years since It's a Girl's Game was launched with the author's sensational interview by Phillip Schofield, with 10 million live viewers watching on ITV This Morning. If you haven't already read this sexy fiction, book here's the lowdown on the story and it's creator, Victoria Shelley.

About the book...

It’s a Girl’s Game is a contemporary fiction novel based upon the lifestyle of the author in her mid twenties.

Victoria Shelley spent a few years closely connected to one of London’s Premier League clubs. She experienced its booze-fuelled social scene first hand along with a few of her close girl friends.

Many antics Victoria saw, heard and lived are retold explicitly in the book through the eyes of Leila, her protagonist. Leila is model, dancer, football fan and ladette, partial to a pint and a song on a football match day.

Leila falls hook line and sinker for antagonist James London, Captain of the club whose known not only for his ball skills on the pitch but for his skills in the bedroom, too.

The book is packed full of quirky characters based on real people. With red herrings a plenty, the reader is kept guessing as to who is who. Witty match day banter and drunken larks escalate into jaw-dropping frolics in and around the football stadium.

By night, fierce jealousy sees tension rise between girls as they congregate by nightclub VIP areas, their desperation to catch the attention of players, cringeworthy.

The empathetic reader will rise and plummet on the rollercoaster of emotions with Leila and her girl friends, the ‘wannabe WAGs;’ as they get themselves into pickles with players.

With past readers' rave reviews on Amazon, the book has been branded 'un-put-downable" and 'a real page turner,' with plenty of giggles to be had. With some wildly detailed scenes of an adult nature, shocking deceptions and despicable arrogant behaviour, It’s a Girl’s Game is strictly for grown-ups with an open mind and not for the easily offended.

The author’s onward journey…

In June 2011, Victoria secured a publishing contract for It’s a Girl’s Game and the book was launched with a big PR campaign by a London celebrity publicist.

Following appearances on ITV, Channel 4 as well as features in The Sun, The Star and numerous women's weekly magazines, doors opened in the world of writing, modelling and public relations. Victoria bagged herself a spot as a freelance content writer for online sports news reporting hub Sports Direct News. Her interest in the sport combined with her experience of dealing with football players saw her well-positioned to not only write news for the site, but to also undertake the exciting task of interviewing players past and present.

As Victoria’s life journey evolved through her 30’s she broadened her personal goals and writing inspirations, feeling strongly drawn to her passion for fitness and her desire for family life.

Now mum to a 3 year old son, Victoria continues to build her livelihood as a freelancer. She is a Level 3 qualified fitness instructor specialising in dance-based workouts and antenatal/postnatal fitness. In the summer of 2019, she qualified as a Level 5 Sports and Exercise Nutritional Adviser which works in synergy and slips another feather into her intellectual cap.

The world of journalism and copywriting continues to beckon and the author is now blogging as THE JOURNO MUM, with keen focus on fitness, health, pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle topics. Current projects of her THE JOURNO MUM include interviews with medical professionals and creative short story writing.

As for a possible It's a Girl's Game sequel book...? Life took it's twists and turns and the next book had to be put on hold. She has a work in progress, however it is slow burner.

More will be revealed when the moment is right.

To stay in tuned with Victoria's journalism projects and blog insights, head over to THE JOURNO MUM. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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